Down Under Series: Favorite Cafes in Sydney

Australia is known for its third wave coffee culture and all day brunch scene. This is quickly evident in Sydney where every street and district has its coffee spot, brunch place...Or BOTH. Throughout my nearly 6 month stay, I scoured Sydney for cafes and these are a few of my favorite spots.
1. QVB Jet Bar Caffè  Address: Queen Victoria Building, 55/455 George St. 

Situated in Queen Victoria Building or commonly known as QVB in Town Hall, this building was built as a monument for Queen Victoria in 1898 and has long been turned into a mall but still retaining it's beautiful architecture. Jet Bar is found right before the building entrance which you can't miss. It's right across the beautiful Sydney Town Hall and gives you the perfect spot to relax, people watch and enjoy your cup of coffee. 
My amazing cousin brought me here upon my arrival and my first stop upon setting foot in the city. It was the best greeting and anticipation for the adventures to come, not to mention…

Down Under Series: G'day Sydney!

Sydney. This city has long been my favorite visited place ever. From its perfectly weird weather to its laid back crowd, countless beaches, active lifestyle loving people forcing one to be healthy, and most of all their coffee culture is like no other - a coffee lover's dream destination.

It's been exactly 15 years to the day since my last visit, I was a naive innocent fresh graduate seeing the world with wonder and amazement, first time to be let lose and excited for the possibilities. And here I am now, in my mid 30s juggling duties and responsibilities with a lot of adulting badges in my sleeve but still Sydney kept me in awe and my appreciation for this wonderful place is the same as when I first laid my eyes on it.

Just like my initial arrival, first order of business was to roam the CBD area and walk all the way to Australia's most famous landmark - The Sydney Opera House. The cool crisp breeze was perfect weather for a walk and sightseeing. Along the way, I had a q…

Birthday Series: Seoul Searching

Temple, shopping, coffee and FOOD! This is what reminds me of Seoul. The vibrant atmosphere of Myeong Dong to the artsy hipster feel of Hongdae. No matter where you end up, you can see the fusion of the traditional and the modern. The streets are full of life no matter what day it is.

Summer was peering its sunny rays of sunshine when I travelled to Seoul. I took a midmorning bus from Busan and having always loved the contemplative feel of long land travel, it gives me the space to think, meditate and breath in the beauty of the country.

We had a short stop and I got myself some java boost while enjoying the beauty of the Sokor highway. The cool breeze contrasting with the heat gives you a spring feel that I love, perfect travel weather. I arrived in Seoul right on time but with a few hiccups with figuring out how to reach my hotel. It was still an adventure nonetheless. The perks of solo travelling! :)

Everywhere you can see evidence of how Koreans  appreciate and insert art in every…